Rectors & Deans Pre-Conference Session

Leading God’s People Now: To What End?

Today, we are thrilled to present the agenda for next year’s Rectors & Deans Pre-Conference Session at EPN’s annual gathering at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville on March 8 and 9. Below is an overview of our time together next March.

EPN rectors and deans strive to be adaptive leaders guiding our parishes and cathedrals to meet this moment of change in the church and in society. You often struggle with questions about effective leadership like:

  • How do we imagine transformative change in our communities?
  • What are the practical ideas we can implement?
  • How do we measure success and pivot when we must?

As a three-part conversation, we will explore these questions and more.

Wednesday, March 8 – 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Thursday, March 9 – 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Pre-Conference Details

First Conversation – How to Make Big Ideas Happen

This conversation centers on the reality that this moment calls for reimagining our place in the community and the Church. These conversation leaders will share how they imagine transformative change and implement it in their communities. 

Mr. Richard Ammons – EPN Board Member and Education Sector Leader; Durham, North Carolina

Ms. Lauralyn Lee – Chief of Staff, Washington National Cathedral and Nonprofit Strategy Expert; Washington, D.C.

The Rev. Dr. Sam Wells – Vicar, St. Martin-in-the-Fields; London, United Kingdom

Second Conversation – Forming Leaders 

Our second conversation will build on the first as we discuss forming leaders, particularly laity, to take on the transformative work in your church and community. Together we will explore how we help our people have Christian imagination and Gospel-crafted approaches to leading at this time.

The Rev. Doyt Conn – Rector, Epiphany Parish; Seattle, Washington

Dr. Liz DeGaynor – Virginia Theological Seminary; Alexander, Virginia

Ms. Aleta Payne – Senior Associate Editor, Faith & Leadership, Duke Divinity School; Durham, North Carolina

The Rev. Dr. Sam Wells – Vicar, St. Martin-in-the-Fields; London, United Kingdom

Final Conversation – Our Prophetic Presence and Voice 

Our final conversation will focus on navigating our pastoral and prophetic presence and voice in the public square. We will consider how clergy and lay leaders help shape the local and national conversations around the questions of our common life. For more information, visit (insert link)

The Rev. Canon Jan Cope – Provost, Washington National Cathedral; Washington, D.C.

Mr. Jon Meacham – Canon Historian at Washington National Cathedral, Author, Historian; Nashville, Tennessee

Ms. Judy Smith – Strategic Advisor and Communications Expert, Smith & Company; Washington, D.C.

Pre-Sessions have been designed with everyone in mind. For more information about this Pre-Conference Session and others, please click the link.

2023 Annual Conference Details