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The Episcopal Parish Network (EPN) and its partners are working to connect and equip our members and the Church during this time of challenge and change for everyone. Workshop recordings and resource materials are an offering to the Church and available free-of-charge.

Here you will find links to pre-recorded workshops and materials we hope you will find useful to your ministry as we adjust our parochial lives to meet this moment and to pastorally care for our communities.

Workshop Recordings by Category

Workshop recordings are accessible by clicking on the Category title.


Administrative Best Practices
Understanding Parish Assets and Securing the Future
Impactful Church Events
Facility and Property Maintenance Summit
Parish Administration in an Evolving Time
Paycheck Protection: Changing Regulatory Guidance and Loan Forgiveness
Putting Operations into Action During COVID-19: A Webinar for Parish Administrators
Church Administration in the Age of COVID-19
Federal Relief Programs
Innovation in the Moment: Connecting Communities Together Today
Church Staffing, Parish Administrators, and COVID-19: A Webinar
Other Resources


Art and the Liturgical Year: Bringing the Church Kalendar to Life
The Power of Art to Address Racial Inequality and Promote Inclusion 


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
Managing Empty Buildings in the Era of COVID-19
Reopening Our Churches: Planning for Returning Congregations
Reopening Our Churches II: Planning for Returning Congregations
Other Resources

Church and Culture                                                  

Changing Church

What is Making Small Congregations THRIVE?
Millennials and the Episcopal Church: Challenges and Opportunities
From Global Mission to Parish Ministry: A Conversation about Formation with Former YASCers
Mourning Our Changing Church: Facing Our Moment, Grieving What We are Losing, Anticipating a Meaning
Other Resources


Simply the Best: Award-Winning Communicators on Social Media and Website Effectiveness
What We Have is a Failure to Communicate: Strategic Communications
Can We Use That? Copyrights and Permissions for Church Communications
Excellence in Church Communications: Newsletters and Websites
Reflecting on Devotionals: Learning from Practitioners
Communications in the Time of COVID-19
Livestreaming Worship: From Nice-to-Have to Necessity
Crisis Communications: A Moderated Webinar for Communicators
What’s Next? What Stays and What Goes?
Post-Emergency COVID Communications: How Episcopal Churches Can Adapt, Engage, and Thrive

COVID-19 and Church’s Response

What Now? A Follow-Up Conversation on COVID-19
COVID-19 and the Church’s Response: A Web Seminar
Discordant Times and Our Response: Revisiting Episcopal Parish Network’s First Webinar
What About Our Nonprofits? A Webinar on the Impact of COVID-19 on Episcopal Institutions  Instructions: Pick-up from Church Nonprofits

Current Affairs

Sudan: War, Challenge, and the Church
Earth Day 2024: The State of Climate Advocacy
Christian Nationalism and the Church’s Response
The Case for Love: Bridging the Divide
Safety and Security in Our Churches
Haiti: Reports from the Ground
The Philadelphia Eleven: Courage and Change
Climate Change: A Conversation with Katharine Hayhoe, Chief Scientist, The Nature Conservancy
A Year of Welcome: Episcopal Migration Ministries
Partnering With Vulnerable Communities: Episcopal Relief & Development’s Ministry

Meet the Tenenbaums: The Good Work of the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding
Faith in a Conflicted World: Crossing Divides and Navigating Disagreement
Crisis and Care: Meditations on Faith and Philanthropy
Philanthropy, Nonprofits, and Faith: Strength at the Intersections
Promoting Health Equity: Paid Family Leave
Big Tech and the Church: Imagining Opportunities and Challenges Going Forward
Making a Difference: The Impact of Acting on Climate Change
Gerrymandering and Redistricting in a Faithful Democracy
Vaccines: The Role of the Church in Promoting Vaccinations
Voting Rights for a Faithful Democracy
Homelessness and the Pandemic: Our Christian Commitment to the Community
Ambassadors of Reconciliation: The Hard Work of Repairing our Social Compact
Mr. Biden Goes to Washington: What a New Administration Means for the Church
“Behold What You Are, Become What You Receive” – Stories of Transformation
Restoring Relations: Reconciling Ourselves to God and One Another
Presence, Peacebuilding, and Pastoral Mission in South Sudan
Voting Your Conscience: The Role of Faith and Values
Other Resources

Finance and Endowments

Prepping for an Endowment: What to Think About When Establishing an Endowment
Finance and Investment Committees – The Advisor Request for Proposal Process
Financially Positioning the Church for the Next Quarter Century
Help in a Challenging Time: Reviewing the 2022 Bank of America Study of Philanthropy
“Are You Ready for New Endowment Gifts?”
Ethical Investing: The Church’s Responsibility to the Greater Good
Elevate Your Understanding: Fiduciary Responsibility and Fraud
Employing Christian Values in an Investment Portfolio
Budgeting Strategies for Uncertain Times: Navigating Choppy Waters
Churches and ERC: They do qualify and other myths dispelled!
Endowment and Finance Committees Fiduciary and Governance Best Practices
Raise More Money in 1 to 3 Hours a Week
Strategic Financial Governance and Cash Flow for Parishes
Five Myths of Endowment Management
Help in a Challenging Time: Reviewing the 2021 Bank of America Study of Philanthropy
Fund Management: Defeating Confusion and Simplifying Church Books
Planning for Success from Beginning to End
Millennials Rising: Why Greater Financial Transparency Matters to Your Church
Why an Endowment? Ensuring Parish Ministry for Future Generations
Reviewing your Portfolio and Investment Policy for 2021
Asset Stewardship and Addressing Racial Diversity
The Election Happened: What do we do about giving now?
Budgeting in the Midst of Uncertainty: A Conversation for Parish Leaders
Economic & Market Implications of Presidential Election Years
An Obligation to the Future: Legacy Programs and Planned Giving
Stay Calm, Stay Connected, and Seek Opportunity
Our Money Stories: How Our Perceptions of Money Influence our Giving Patterns
Staying Focused in Volatile Times: Managing Investment Risk
How Behavioral Predispositions Can Influence Investment Committees
Place-Based Investing: How your endowment can help address societal disparities
Crafting a Resilient Portfolio: Preparing for Post-COVID Markets
Fossil-Fuel-Free Investing: Triple Bottom Line
Learnings from the Markets in 2020: A Guide for Church Fiduciaries
How to Achieve Impact with Cash and Fixed Income Investing
Other Resources


Children’s Spirituality ~ An Introduction
Christian Formation: Imagining Anew
Faith Formation in 2023 (and, Beyond)
Ministry for Families and Children: What’s Next for Christian Formation
Equipping the Saints Beyond the Pandemic: Christian Formation Today


Lessons Learned from the Campaign Trail
Capital Campaigns in Difficult Times
It’s almost Advent, how is your fundraising going?

General Convention

Change is Coming: The Parochial Report and Your Parish


Managing in the Moment: A Webinar on Parish Governance during COVID-19 and Beyond                                                         


The Role of Liturgy and Music in Formation



Precious Jewels: Episcopal Chorister Programs in the Age of COVID-19
Choirs and Singing in the Age of COVID-19


Preaching in a Post-Christian Age
The Word and the World: The Preaching Role of Vocational Deacons
Proclaiming the Word from the Lay Ministry Perspective
The Gospel in the Wilderness: Tips for Pandemic Preaching
The Art of Anglican Preaching
Preaching in a Time of Pandemic
Preaching to the ‘Vocal Opposition’ – A Webinar

Small Church Ministry

Power of the Small Church


Effective Mission Outreach Strategy: Structure, Implementation & Evaluation
Recurring Giving: Establishing New Spiritual Disciplines
Pentecost Arrives: Engage and Encourage Parishioners in Giving
Thanksgiving for Generosity: Encouraging Giving by Offering Thanks
Evolving Church Funding: The New Age of Stewardship
Elevating Stewardship and Volunteer Engagement with Your Stewardship Council
Stewardship in the ‘New Normal’
Connecting Engagement and Stewardship
Church Fundraising in a ‘New Normal’
Offertory in Parishes During COVID-19: A Stewardship Webinar
Funding the Mission First: Trusting in the Gospel in Times of Uncertainty
Jesus Has Risen! Now What Do We Do?
Prepare Now: Annual Stewardship Plans in the Age of COVID-19
What Can Clergy Do to Encourage Generosity in Their Congregations During the Coronavirus Pandemic?
Stewardship Today: Digital Giving Trends Webinar
Leading Where You’ve Never Been Before
The Third Place: Our Place in a Changed Society
Other Resources

Racial Equity and Reconciliation

Back Story: Racial Healing Over a Lifetime
Faith in a Conflicted World: Crossing Divides and Navigating Disagreement
Root and Branch: Racial Equity and Healing in One Southern Parish
Anti-Asian Violence in Context
Restoring Relations: Reconciling Ourselves to God and One Another Instructions: Pick-up from Changing Church
Ferguson Revisited
Ambassadors of Reconciliation: The Hard Work of Repairing Our Social Compact
Colonialism, Racial Injustice, and Patriarchy: Legacies and Modern Experiences
White Men Confessing: A Reckoning on Racism in the Church
The Power of Art to Address Racial Inequality and Promote Inclusion
Witness in the Moment: The Church’s Response
From Empathy to Engagement: Calling Christian Witness Beyond Book Clubs and Committees
Preaching to the ‘Vocal Opposition’ – A Webinar
Painful Legacies: Systemic Racism in America and Britain
Investing in Racial Justice through an Endowment
How to Achieve Impact with Cash and Fixed Income Investing
Book List

Strategic Leadership                                                                       

Creative Ways of Being Church: Strategic Partnerships to Help Visions Come to Life
Accepting a Call in a Time of Transition: New Rectors Reflect
Download: ›› 90 Day Transition Plan for Rectors or Vicars
Planning for Success from Beginning to End
Reemergence Planning and Developing Leaders in Your Vestry
Pivoting and Expanding: Fulfilling the Mission God Gives Us in the Most Challenging Times


Connecting the Parish: Technology Enabling Closer Ties
Big Tech and the Church: Imagining Opportunities and Challenges Going Forward
Collaborating with Existing Technology Tools
Information Technology Management & Strategy: Creating Efficiency & Controlling Costs in Your Parish
New Realities of Worship: A Webinar for Small to Mid-Size Congregations about Technology and Worship
How Technology Helps Us Navigate Uncertain Times Instructions: Pick-up from Administrators  

Theology and Scripture Study                                             

Reflecting on Devotionals: Learning from Practitioners
The Gospel in the Wilderness: Tips for Pandemic Preaching
Theology of Gratitude Roundtable Discussion
How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a COVID-Lent? Spiritual practices as we (still) practice social distancing
‘Behold What You Are, Become What Your Receive’: Stories of Transformation
Theology in the Time of COVID-19
Prayer in a Time of Pandemic
Living in a Time of Pandemic: Who is God calling us to be? What is God calling us to do?
Reading Scripture in a Time of Upheaval and Pandemic (1): The Old Testament and Torah
Building an Intentional Small Group Ministry: Why it Matters Now
Death and Dying in Light of Christ: A Multi-Disciplinary Theological Symposium
Anglican Social Ethics and the Search for Justice


Many Servants: Deacons Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Deacons and the Future of Expanding Ministry
What’s Next for Deacons?


Congregational Mental Health: Suicide and What to Know
Preventing Burn Out: Tools for Clergy Transformation and Ministry Growth
The Six Steps to an Emotionally Healthy Post-Pandemic Parish: Spiritual Insight from the Gospel of Matthew
Minding Our Well Being: Mental Health Wellness in Stressful Times

The School of the South
Sewanee, Tennessee


Nashotah House Seminary
Nashotah, Wiscounsin