Episcopal Parish Network

The Episcopal Parish Network (EPN) is a national and collaborative movement of clergy and lay leaders of the Episcopal Church gifted with diverse parish resources coming together for dialogue, discernment, and education. We are committed to being a generative force enabling clergy and lay leaders to imagine and move beyond the present to refresh the Church for a hopeful mission in the world. We come together to talk about the Church, as it is and the one we dream about. Episcopal Parish Network is the home to some of the most powerful and effective learning taking place in the Church today.

Trinity Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, IN


The Episcopal Parish Network is a vital and collaborative membership association of approximately 200 clergy and lay leaders in the Episcopal Church offering diverse parish gifts including financial, talent, leadership, and ministerial resources, among others. EPN is a generative force enabling our members to imagine the future and to move beyond the present to refresh the Church…

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Executive Director

Joe Swimmer was named Executive Director of the Episcopal Parish Network (EPN) in March 2017. Over his tenure, Joe has guided EPN’s strategy by focusing on innovation and strategically expanding the work of the 35-year-old organization.

Shifting from a conference-focused organization to an active network of over 200 Episcopal institutions, EPN today works to strengthen leaders…

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Board of Directors

The EPN Board of Directors are leaders dedicated to strengthening our changing Church for the changing world. Without their knowledge, dedication, and passion, EPN could not fully embrace its mission or deliver its member services. We are grateful for their service to EPN, to the Episcopal Church, and to the world…

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You have just accessed some of the best potential partnering companies for your parish. These companies and organizations have partnered with EPN over the past several years to showcase their goods and services during our conference. Think about contacting them when you are looking for anything from data bases to stained glass windows to capital campaign firms. Contact the EPN…

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The concept of creating a national consortium of endowed Episcopal parishes to share dreams for the Church emerged in 1980 at the College of Preachers, Washington Cathedral. The founding clergy, including the Rev. Roger White, the Rev. Bob Brown, and the Very Rev. Roger Gray, gathered shortly thereafter at Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, for a pre-organization meeting…

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Episcopal Church
Palm Beach, Florida


Washington National Cathedral
Washington, D.C.